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  Hello, welcome to my home page. I am a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin. My wife, three children, and I live here in Madison Wisconsin.  

 Here are some pictures of my family if you are interested.

A copy of my c.v.

The Election Administration Project at the University of Wisconsin

Course Material (links are to previous versions of the classes; current lecture notes and

class material are on Moodle through MyUW)

P.S. 104: American Politics and Government: Lecture Notes and Other Course Material

  American Politics Today (by William Bianco and David Canon)

P.S. 408: The American Presidency: Lecture Notes and Other Course Material

P.S. 426: The Legislative Process:  Lecture Notes and Other Course Material


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Political Science 104

Political Science 408

Political Science 426

Political Science 424

Political Science 695

Political Science 800

Political Science 826

Political Science 904


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The Federal Executive Branch

The White House, Executive Office of the President, Cabinet Departments, and Independent Agencies 

Congress, Courts, and States

Congressional Houses, Agencies, Caucuses, and Information; Federal Courts; Legal Resources; and State Governments 

Political Organizations

Political Parties, Interest Groups, Lobbyists, and Political Consultants 


Contact Information for Federal Officials, Voter Information, and Interactive Government Simulations 

International Government and Politics

Foreign Governments and Politics and International Organizations 

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